PCB Layout

The Rocket Layout Team offers clients the ability to take advantage of a fully integrated design through manufacturing solution.  Our designers are the most experienced you’ll find anywhere world-wide and see every type of technology used on today’s boards.

As part of our layout and engineering services, we offer the following:

  • We use the latest versions of Cadence Allegro design software
  • Fully integrated DFX using the full suite of Valor DFM MSS/NPI/VPL software.
  • Ability to handle multi-board projects with team based approach
  • Dedicated team(s)in California, Boston, Texas & India provides scalability and 24/7 support
  • PCB Footprint and Schematic Logic Symbol library development and support
  • Schematic Capture with Cadence Or CAD and Concept
  • Signal Integrity, EMI, Electrical and Mechanical engineering support

Rocket EMS’s team is founded by leading design experts from Millennium Design, Flextronics, and Fine Line Design. Our experience includes:

  • All High Speed Interfaces
  • RF and Wireless technology
  • Power Integrity
  • Flex and Rigid-Flex design
  • Backplanes & Midplanes
  • Route studies for ASIC, SoC and FPGA
  • uBGA at sub .4mm utilizing micro, blind and buried via technology
  • ITAR certified, military and aerospace experience

Rocket EMS fully integrates DFM/DFX into the design process, utilizing the full suite of Valor EDA tools that can be tailored to customers’ technology and short/long term needs.

With the ability to utilize flexible resources that includes on-site services and offshore support, Rocket EMS can expedite lead times at a lower cost than most of the competition, without sacrificing quality.

Truly flexible Rocket library management

Rocket uses Rocket Library Manager, which was developed in-house (RLM).

This tool is used to keep our prestigious customers’ libraries in good working order. The tool aids in the organisation and maintenance of libraries. RLM is a footprint repository that assists in logging footprint data based on Manufacturing Part Number to Rocket’s SQL database. It will eventually be used to search for footprints, validate footprints, and download footprints based on Manufacturer part number or footprint name. RLM’s extended features include the ability to attach/view the Datasheet and create 3D models of the footprint.

Rocket EMS Gerber Output Tool - consistent performance

At Rocket, we’ve automated the design process to improve flow, including the final but most important step, deliverables. Rocket employs proprietary software known as the Rocket EMS Gerber Output Tool. Because our deliverable process includes a regress automated check, the outputs to the customer or fab house are always consistent and, more importantly, error-free. This method eliminates the need for back-and-forth communication between the Design and Fabrication houses. Our deliverables include comprehensive readme files that explain each file in the final package.

We Value The Latest Innovations And Technologies In The PCB Industry

We specialize in quick-turn services for highly complicated and advanced PCB assembly and manufacturing in meeting dynamic business needs.


General Question

Yes, we offer a RoHS compliant assembly

Yes, our highly experienced team able to provide effective solution/guidance regarding pcb fabrication.

While outsourcing Box Build PCB Assembly, there are several factors including bill of material, assembly, schematics, dimension, testing, and more that you need to keep in mind


We have 99+ years of combined experience in rendering high tech PCB Assembly and Manufacturing Services.

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Since 2011

Rocket EMS was founded in 2011 by Michael Kottke, who already had a reputation in Silicon Valley of manufacturing excellence. Michael had a vision of rekindling the magic of the 1960’s space race.

What Client Say About Us

Scott Smith Manufacturing Operations Manager, Oscaro Products Inc

" I Usually Come With Very Short Lead Time Requests And You've Always Made It Happen! "

Rocket EMS is an aggressive company specializing in Electronic Manufacturing Services for fast growth high technology companies with a heavy focus on New Product Introduction (NPI).

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