3d Production System

The Fortus® 3D Production System from Stratasys® is designed with the flexibility to meet the user’s needs, whether it’s for the first time using digital manufacturing or for high-performance materials and high capacity in demanding production scenarios. The latest version of the Fortus 3D Production System has a faster print time and a better user interface. As a result, they’re more user-friendly and productive than earlier versions. 

FDM® technology is used in Fortus systems to create parts layer by layer from a CAD model utilizing a choice of production-grade thermoplastics. The traditional fabrication process is significantly simplified with FDM technology. Making tools becomes less costly and time-demanding. Complex designs that were previously difficult to achieve with traditional tooling are now possible. Manufacturers see rapid gains in productivity, efficiency, and quality as a result. FDM technology also enables customers to select from a variety of production-grade thermoplastics, each with unique properties to satisfy specific manufacturing requirements.

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Yes, we offer a RoHS compliant assembly

Yes, our highly experienced team able to provide effective solution/guidance regarding pcb fabrication.

While outsourcing Box Build PCB Assembly, there are several factors including bill of material, assembly, schematics, dimension, testing, and more that you need to keep in mind


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