Rocket EMS would rather invest its effort in figuring out how to solve a problem instead of telling you all the little things that will delay a project or get in the way. Too many EMS manufacturers would rather tell you what they can’t do instead of just delivering on time, on budget, and beyond expectations.

Silicon Valley can be described in three words, ingenuity, creativity, and innovative. Rocket EMS excels in all three, year end and year out. At Rocket, there’s nothing we can’t do, there are just things we haven’t done yet.

Our History

Rocket EMS was founded in 2011 by Michael Kottke, who already had a reputation in Silicon Valley of manufacturing excellence. Michael had a vision of rekindling the magic of the 1960’s space race. He wanted to bring together great minds with a shared vision – he wanted to focus not just on innovation, but on consistently delivering innovation. Michael reached out to industry veterans like Dennis Kottke and Scott Schaetzle to form the leadership group of Rocket. All of these players had a shared attitude towards American manufacturing and experience building $100M businesses numerous times over.

Our Story

Rocket EMS might talk a big game, but it delivers… in seven years of operation, Rocket EMS has become the pre-eminent EMS provider in Silicon Valley, with successive 5x growth year over year. It isn't easy, but if you put the right people together, all with exceptional experience, a shared drive, and a pursuit of excellence, you’ll have something truly remarkable. Throw in a facility with top of the line equipment that rivals the best engineering and technical schools in the world, and you have the core of what is Rocket EMS.

Our Values

At Rocket EMS, we take on projects that are conceptualized from an entrepreneurs’ vision and bring them to reality. It’s pretty amazing when you think about it. In sports, it’s very hard to stay “in the zone” consistently, day in and day out. But at Rocket, everyone does the hard work to do what a lot of companies think is impossible. In EMS, Industry has falsely accepted a 100% yield as an impossible demand on any manufacturer – at Rocket EMS, we've built our reputation on this being the minimum acceptable standard of doing business.