Manufacturing Services

New Product Introduction

There are no other companies capable of moving faster than Rocket EMS and delivering a perfect prototype board!

Because of our complete services offering, Rocket EMS has the ability to engage with clients at any stage in the product development cycle to help with immediate challenges and long term planning. Specifically, we can offer the following services related to NPI:

  • Ultra Quick-turn Assembly (24 to 48 hours)
  • Materials Management
  • On-the-fly ECO and deviation processing
  • DFX using Valor MSS/NPI/VPL Suite
  • Test – AOI, AXI, Flying Probe
  • Same day rework, BGA replacement & re-ball


NPI is one of the most critical stages any new product will go through. Rocket EMS will get it right the first time, and equally important, we lay the foundation for production ramp up. During this phase of the product life, Rocket EMS will collect data for process and yield improvements and make design modifications for maximum build efficiency. Our purchasing group will help plan the material pipeline, and our engineering team can set-up a system integration and functional test solution.

Production Manufacturing

More than ever, customers are choosing a domestic production partner because of the many benefits gained by working in close proximity with their manufacturing partner.

At Rocket EMS, our goal is to provide customers with a cost effective, production solution by focusing on efficiency, automation and perfect yields. We utilize the best equipment possible to eliminate human touch and manual labor. We focus our resources on front end engineering to minimize defects and build the board correctly without rework. We constantly validate our process with Automated X-Ray Inspection (AOI), the fastest inspection method to provide critical data collection information for process improvement.

Rocket EMS Production:

  • Four top-of-the-line Juki production lines capable of placing 2 million components per day!
  • A single data point ERP system that includes Material Planning and Inventory Control, Production Control, Production Engineering, Sales Order Fulfilment, Accounting Management, System Management and Utilities.
  • Material Management – MRP driven material program, VMI and Bonded Inventory programs, Flexible Material Services Agreements
  • System Integration a– Mechanical Box Build, Chassis and Rack Level Assembly, Plastic Enclosure Assembly
  • Functional Test Development, JTAG-Boundary Scan, HALT-HASS, Thermal Chamber Burn-in
  • Order Fulfillment & RMA Logistics


Famous Kottke saying… “No need to waste a perfectly good human on a job a machine can do.”