BGA Rework


Rocket EMS has solutions for all your BGA rework and repair needs. “At Rocket EMS, customers can expect the most experienced technicians, working with the best equipment available today for the highest level of quality in the EMS industry”- Bill West, VP of Engineering

Our dedicated and experienced group of engineers understand all of the complexities required for precise and exact operations.

We’re equipped with top-of-the line BGA rework systems, engineers and operators with in-depth knowledge and experience at the intricate process of BGA rework.

When it comes to rework, Rocket EMS doesn’t fall short.

Our state-of-the-art equipment delivers an unparalleled level of quality that is second to none. Whether we’ve built it or not, we treat each rework as our own. We offer ultra-quick-turn services (24 – 48 hours) and guarantee reliability, cost effectiveness and efficiency.

Rocket EMS believes in choosing the best equipment available to do the BEST job possible for a 100% yield every single time.

Our reworking capabilities include:

  • Re-balling
  • BGA/QFM Removal and replacement
  • Through-hole or SMT
  • Custom adaptors to address different pin outs
  • Repair and maintain broken traces or pads to its original
  • Large format capabilities